WCWM 2021 - 2nd World Conference on Waste Management 2021


会议名称:WCWM 2021 - 2nd World Conference on Waste Management 2021



所在国家:Sri Lanka

所在城市:Hotel Taj Samudra






Welcome to WCWM 2021 The Second World Conference on Waste Management 2021 will bring scientists, researchers, activists and practitioners from academia and industry to elaborate scientific ideas, share experiences, discuss environmental issues, and find innovative strategies for waste management. The Organizing Committee is gearing up for exciting and informative Conference including keynote and plenary session, research presentations, recognition awards, industry talks, workshops and High Standard Publication Opportunities with many networking opportunities. WCWM 2021 is a great industry gathering for companies to present their products, services, innovations and to build contacts with international delegates. Background Looking beyond the current take-make-dispose model, a circular economy is predominantly framed as a means for circulating materials within the businesses as economically as possible, for as long as possible. It is a mechanism for keeping materials out of the waste streams otherwise destined to reach landfills, waterways or open dumps. It is based on three principles; design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems. Underpinned by a transition to a more sustainable economy, Circular Economy indicates pathways for industries and communities to transit to a more sustainable economy, to reduce or eliminate waste through development of new business models, eco-designs, and sustainable consumption and production strategies. About the conference WCWM 2021 provides a wonderful opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge and share ideas about the newest interdisciplinary approaches in Waste Management and Recycling. The conference will feature renowned speakers representing both academia and industry who are experts in waste management. The conference also offers a global platform to create new contacts in the field of Waste Management and Recycling by providing valuable networking time. Conference Tracks WCWM 2021 welcomes papers with the following topics but not limited to, 01.Environmental Pollution 02.Socio-environmental impacts of waste management 03.Pollution Control Technologies 04.Waste Avoidance and Minimization 05.Solid waste management 06.E- waste Management 07.Industrial waste management 08.Hazardous waste management 09.Plastic waste management 10.Materials Recovery from waste 11.Recycling and Upcycling 12.Bioenergy and Biofuels from waste 13.Waste to Energy 14.Landfills 15.Incineration 16.Advanced technologies in waste management 17.Composting 18.Waste-based businesses 19.Waste governance, regulations and policies 20.Circular economy and Materials flow management 21.Wastewater management 22.Sludge Management 23.Environmental Remediation 24.Value Addition to waste 25.Cleaner production technologies 26.Innovations in waste management 27.Clean management technology 28.Air pollution Call for papers : https://wastemanagementconferences.com/call-for-papers/